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  • Arya Chemi Salafchegan | آریا شیمی سلفچگان

Arya Chemi

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About Us

Welcome to AYRACHEMI blending & filling
Whether you are seeking to rapidly satisfy increases in demand for a top-selling product or wish to economically outsource the manufacture of a new formulation, AYRACHEMI Blending & Filling is a leader in personal care, household, and automotive product manufacturing.
AYRACHEMI Blending & Filling is a full-service turnkey liquid blending and filling operation housing superior equipment resources: formulating, blending, and filling your liquid, cream, or gel into tubes, bottles, or jars. Our services are among the best in the industry and include secondary packaging and logistics as well!
Have a big job? AYRACHEMI Blending & Filling offers dozens of cold- and hot-blending capabilities utilizing large-capacity stainless tanks and sanitary fittings.

Arya Chemi Salafchegan | آریا شیمی سلفچگان

Formula Development

To meet mission-critical time constraints and cost demands, AYRACHIMI Blending & Filling relies upon an expansive umbrella of integrated services, offering custom liquid, cream, and gel product formula development that includes personal care, household, automotive, and specialty market items. All of these can be formulated to fulfill your specific color, appearance, pH, and viscosity specifications.


Utilizing state-of-the-art research and development and analytical labs, our team of chemists will design and evaluate the chemical composition of your product through complete raw, in-process and finished goods lab testing. This enables us to guarantee adherence to product quality, as well as EPA, and cGMP compliance — while adhering to your individual corporate quality requirements.


AYRACHIMI Blending & Filling assists large and small companies looking for a competitive advantage in the market place. We offer a full range of liquid-fill contract packaging solutions from complete turnkey to customized-services. We’re eager to share our experience in contract manufacturing and offer strategic design assistance to significantly reduce formulary, packaging, and freight costs.
Our strengths are in our ability to efficiently fulfill orders ranging from 100 to 1,000,000 units while offering excellent personalized-service. Because of our manufacturing flexibility, we are able to meet demand on short-lead time orders with a focus on product quality, service, and delivery.
We offer our customers nearly 15 years of manufacturing excellence in blending complex formulations and providing cost-effective fill production solutions.
Proprietary information (e.g. formulations and strategic market research) is a very serious matter at AYRACHIMI Blending & Filling. From the moment communications begin between our organizations, no information is shared about our relationship (unless you want us to). All information is kept completely confidential.


AYRACHIMI Blending & Filling maintains automated cartooning, blister sealing, and labeling equipment, including in-line pressure-sensitive, tunnel shrink sleeving, and multi-pack banding solutions for the efficient processing of tubes, bottles, and jars of assorted sizes and configurations.


Our multi-level Quality Program is important to the success of our company. AYRACHIMI Blending & Filling’s Quality Standards and experienced personnel serve as a Quality-support Team to ensure the highest standard of quality to each customer partner. With thorough product analysis, you can be assured that when your order has shipped, it has gone through extensive quality checks and will exceed your customer’s expectations. Leverage our experience regarding your overall product development.
The value-process starts before blending and manufacturing begins. We carefully provide an in-depth review of to ensure product integrity and cost optimization:

• raw materials
• bottle, bottle-label, and cap
• box and box-label
• pallet configuration and warehouse pallet-stacking method
• carrier selection

Storage/Inventory Control and Management

AYRACHIMI Blending & Filling is able to safely monitor and store raw materials, packaging supplies, and finished goods in its controlled-manufacturing facility and on-site warehouse. Secondary, off-site storage is available for larger contract filling requirements.
Efficient inventory control/inventory management is carried out by our Quality Team periodically or upon request. AYRACHIMI Blending & Filling is able to control stock by FIFO, lot expiration, or other measure. Cycle counting is performed to ensure inventory accuracy. Full physical inventories and product reconciliation are also performed (upon request).
Our entire facility is equipped with a full-range sprinkler system for fire protection. Effective security measures are in place to ensure unwanted disturbances during off-hours.

Arya Chemi Salafchegan | آریا شیمی سلفچگان
Arya Chemi Salafchegan | آریا شیمی سلفچگان
Arya Chemi Salafchegan | آریا شیمی سلفچگان
Arya Chemi Salafchegan | آریا شیمی سلفچگان
Arya Chemi Salafchegan | آریا شیمی سلفچگان
Arya Chemi Salafchegan | آریا شیمی سلفچگان

Turnkey Services

Whether you require the fulfillment of simple secondary contract packaging or the turnkey capabilities of formula development, blending and filling, or testing and manufacturing for consumer products, AYRACHEMI Blending & Filling will provide you with the level of product support you request.
AYRACHEMI Blending & Filling is a full-service packaging solutions provider with the ability to transition your product from design concept to direct shipment within a narrow window of time. A project manager is assigned to your account to coordinate the entire process, from purchase order to reconciliation, billing, and inventory. Your project manager is your direct contact for addressing all questions and concerns.
Decades of experience in the contract manufacturing industry enable us to offer strategic design assistance to significantly reduce packaging, labor, and freight costs. We provide a detailed cost savings analysis that will itemize your potential savings.
AYRACHEMI Blending & Filling will provide guidance in appropriate product, packaging, and label design that is both economically focused and aesthetically innovative, as well as in-house thermoforming capabilities for the creation of custom clamshells and blister packaging.


We see sustainability as even more than being eco-efficient and eco-responsible. We see sustainability as a compelling business strategy that drives innovation and growth. Because we serve the CPG industry, we have unique opportunities to manufacture and package consumer products that serve and protect the environment.
We generate, select and implement new ideas through the efforts of our Green Team — a collaborative and passionate group of people with backgrounds in sales, customer service, quality, purchasing, operations, and lean manufacturing and production.
We see ourselves as more than a responsible consumer of resources; we see ourselves as an innovative supplier creating eco-advantages for our customers, and for consumers worldwide.

Customer Support

Each customer is assigned a dedicated and seasoned project manager. Their responsibilities include: overseeing projects, managing workflow, and communicating with clients from inception to completion.
Your AYRACHEMI Blending & Filling project manager is knowledgeable and flexible — thus ensuring the success of your project. We pride ourselves in exceeding your expectations.


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Contact Us

Office: 11th floor, No.17, Golshahr Blvd., Africa (Nelson Mandela) Ave., Tehran, Iran

Telfax: (+9821)22050246 & 22016401


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